Chairperson's Message

Our group has started this company keeping in mind the competitiveness and fast changing trends in the cosmetics industry. We have successfully entered the market with our innovative products.

Our dedicated team's entrepreneurial efforts have kept us moving and spirited even in an uncertain Indian market. Our brand's reputation, along with our quality, has created trust in the hearts of our distributors and consumers. This is the result of the ambitious aptitude of our qualified staff.

We hope to continue with this commitment and improvement towards our selves and our work so that we continue to achieve new laurels and customer trust.

About Kallos

Haldiram, entering the segment of beauty care/family care, has taken up the objective to be a leader in the category under the New Brand Name - "KALLOS".


KALLOS is committed to bring absolute beauty care for the masses with Quality as our Motto and Customer Satisfaction as our Objective. We believe in delivering results. Our team, consisting of the best consultants, aims at creating innovative products and meeting the needs of our consumers.


KALLOS is a Greek word that essentially implies Beauty. We use the best systems and innovative techniques to ensure that our users are the ultimate beneficiaries, with eye catching hair and body.